Investigation Alley (STEM FAIR) Exhibitor Information

September 30 - October 1, 2023

Event Details

RVSTS is a collaboration between six area high school robotics teams who want to share their passion for robotics, science, technology, engineering and math with others. The event is free to the public and our goal is to inspire students, Pre-K-12, and their families to engage with STEM education and learn about careers in the STEM field.  

 Who can be an Exhibitor?

Exhibitors are organizations who are enthusiastic about STEM and want to present activities or concepts targeted toward K-12 students and/or provide a service that supports families navigating a STEM education for their children.  

Exhibitors can come from large corporations, environmental nonprofits, government agencies, small businesses, schools, clubs, research institutions, and other groups involved with the advancement of STEM concepts. 

Exhibit Space Specifics:    

     Sunday, October 1, 2023, open to guests from 12:00 Noon to 5 pm

Estimated attendance:  >10,000

Additional Information:

Fire Safety - A Fire Marshall may review all exhibits for compliance with local fire safety codes. 

Exhibit Activities/Displays - RVSTS will include hands-on activities, demonstrations and seminars geared toward school-age students and their families.  Over 10,000 children and their families are expected, so the best activities/displays take 5-10 minutes and allow several kids to participate side by side.

Merchandising & Fundraising - The free and educational nature of this event precludes selling merchandise or soliciting donations on-site.  All STEM enrichment activities are provided at no charge so every visitor can participate, regardless of economic circumstances. 


Giveaways - Promotional or educational items, opt-in links to online content, catalogs, newsletters, etc., can be good passive branding.  Handing out candy and food items is not allowed for health and safety reasons. 

Branding & Outreach - Subject to Fire Safety Codes, banners, signs, posters, etc., are all welcome within your booth area.   Secondary to the STEM activity, we encourage passive brand promotion, collecting opt-in contacts, and developing ongoing relationships. 

Booth Locations - The general layout of buildings and booth locations is shown below, but booths are located in the center aisle of the mall on the second level.  Participants must not obstruct traffic flow while interacting.  Specific booth locations will be assigned after registration is completed with a more detailed map. 

Electricity - Bridgewater Commons has a limited number of working 120v electrical outlets throughout the exhibit area. RVSTS and BWC cannot guarantee a space with working electricity.  However, if an exhibitor requires electricity every attempt will be made to locate an exhibitor in a space with a working outlet.    Exhibitors are not permitted to use extension cords or power strips.  Please indicate if you would like power available on the registration form. 


WiFi - The BWC Mall provides WiFi, but coverage is uneven.  Consider a cellular hotspot or a local copy of your content as a backup plan.

Load-in & Load-Out - As a general rule, any materials moving through the mall must be able to be safely carried by a single person or on a low-profile luggage cart.  Large hand trucks and/or dollies are not permitted during mall operating hours.  If you require more complex load-in/load-out accommodations please let us know on the registration form.  Mall operating hours are Saturday 10am -9pm and Sunday  11am-6pm.

Parking - The mall has free parking.  The closest exterior doors to the event space are next to Bloomingdales on the Second Level.  You may unload close to the doors, but please park in the spots furthest from the building. (See appendix below for map)

Exhibitor Insurance - Exhibitors should provide a certificate of insurance showing general liability.  Insurance certificate can be emailed to

Check-In and Setup - An information table will be located near the exterior doors outside Bloomingdales on the second level.  Event volunteers will check you in by this door and direct you to your booth and/or parking if required.

COVID-19 -By agreeing to attend the event, you agree to abide by the current public health protocols and requirements set forth by Somerset County, NJ and the Bridgewater Commons.

Overnight Security for 2-day attendees - Investigation Alley will conclude at 6pm on Saturday, although the mall will remain open until  9pm.  The mall will reopen at 11am on Sunday and Investigation Alley will begin at 12 noon.  Although the mall has onsite security, any items of value should be monitored at all times and should be removed and taken with you when you leave on Saturday.  The event producers nor the mall shall be responsible for loss due to theft. 

Additional tips for enjoying the experience: