Raritan Valley Robot Rumble

October 1-2, 2022

We are excited to welcome you to the first ever Raritan Valley Robot Rumble occurring as part of Raritan Valley Science & Technology Showcase. Our hope is to make this an annual event with R.O.B.B.E.’s new sponsor and partner Bridgewater Commons. Given this event will take place in a shopping mall, it will work a little differently than a traditional off-season event. The main goal of the host committee (FRC Teams 56, 75, 102, and 3637) is to foster interest in STEM while educating the public about all the great things happening in the area. In addition to the Robot Rumble, we will also be hosting an FLL Practice session, a college & career fair, a community STEM fair, and educational activities in the mall Community Hub.

If you are interested in having your FLL Team participate in our Workshop please click here

Anticipated Agenda

Day 0 - Friday, September 30

Field Setup

Friday 3:00-8:00 pm - Optional load-in for teams. Field NOT available for use.

Day 1 - Saturday, October 1

7:30 am - Pits Open

8:00 am - Field Opens for measurements

8:40 am - Safety Briefing

8:50 am - Event Orientation

9:00 am - Practice Matches

10 am - Mall Opens to Public

10 am - Matches start

*7 hours of match play (10-6 with lunch break)

12 pm - 1 pm Lunch Break

6 pm - Matches end for evening

Day 2- Sunday, October 2

9 am - Pits Open

9:30 am - Team and Robot Photos

11 am - Matches start

12p m - Alliance Selection

12:15 pm - 1pm Lunch Break

4:45 pm - Matches end and awards

5 pm on - Event breakdown, field teardown

6 pm - begin loading field in Pods

Field Modifications

The field will be built in an area of the mall called “Center Court.” Due to space constraints of the mall, the field is being slightly altered to fit the space. The 6’ will be taken from the length of the field, so it will measure 47’ x 27 (normal is 53’ x 27’). This results in the hangers being 3' closer to the hub on either side of the field. In order to improve the flow of public traffic around the field, one side of the field will be flipped relative to normal events. As a result the red and blue hanger and terminals will be along the same wall, instead of opposite corners. In order to balance gameplay, the hub will also be assembled square to the field instead of the normal slightly rotated configuration. The full terminals will not be assembled and there will be no human play permitted during matches. Although we do not expect the gameplay to be significantly altered, we are aware the shortened field may affect auto mode and encourage teams to make adjustments accordingly. An approximate CAD View of the revised field has been created by Rich Gerdes and can be accessed here. An updated CAD will be made available to confirmed teams closer to the event.

Spectator Information

The viewing area is standing room only (no bleachers) on the upper levels of the mall. Teams should try to keep spectators for each match to a minimum and give the public a chance to experience the thrill of an FRC event. We will try to provide a video stream to both the pit area and a separate team-only recreation area. Team members are free to explore the other activities happening in the mall throughout the day, including the college fair. Teams are encouraged to have their members assist with other areas of the event. This is a great opportunity to share the cool things your team does through FIRST with the broader community. See the section below about outreach opportunities for your team during the event. Although we are not placing limits on team size, larger teams may want to consider bringing different students both days.

Registration and Payment

This is a 2-Day Event, entry fee includes participation for both days

Register now by completing this Google Form

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, registration is now $200 for this inaugural event.

All checks are payable to:

The Organization for Robotics of Bound Brook (O.R.B.B.)

Attn: Matthew Hueston

P.O. Box 790

Bound Brook, NJ 08805

If you wish to pay by credit card please use this PayPal link or QR Code.


We want to give every team the opportunity to showcase their great work. Below are some ways you can do that and help with the overall event. Opportunities will be distributed based on interest level for each sub-event.

Signature Pits - Located in the central corridor of the mall, these pits measure 26’ x 6.5’, and the primary purpose is outreach. Teams occupying signature pits are not permitted to use any power or battery-operated tools in this space, and no safety glasses will be required. Teams must plan to have some kind of display to interact with the public. A dedicated 20 amp circuit is yours to use while occupying this space. There will be a “people’s choice” award for best pit. We have 3 showcase locations per day. There will be an area in the standard pit area to work on a robot if needed.

Event Ambassadors - Escort VIPs and the public around the event explaining FLL, FRC, and the mission of FIRST, as well as encouraging them to check out the STEAM and Hub Event activities.

FLL Mentor - Provide feedback and assist with workshops to participating FLL teams on their robots and projects informally as requested. Remember no "helping" to build or code robots.

Host an Outreach Event - The Community Hub is a 7,000 sq. ft. space for your team to potentially host STEAM related activities targeted at elementary school students (K-5). Your team will probably have a 1-hour block to run an event with a little setup and breakdown time before and after. Your team will be responsible for furnishing any supplies needed to execute the event. We have tables and chairs.

STEM Exhibition Table - Located in the central corridor of the second floor of the mall, we will furnish a 72" x 30" table for your use. Your team may conduct quick activities, educate the public, and distribute buttons and other free promotional items. Participating teams will be eligible for the "People's Choice Award." There is no AC power in this location.

Please indicate your volunteer preferences on the registration form. If you would like to host an event, please make sure you have enough members to host, staff your pit, and compete with your robot at the same time.

Contact Information

General Event Questions: rarvalsts@gmail.com

Payment Questions: Matthew Hueston

Event Venue

Bridgewater Commons

400 Commons Way

Bridgewater, NJ 08807